četrtek, 15. november 2007


I chose this photo because I like motorbikes. And for me HONDA is the best.

Photo credit: IvyMike

ponedeljek, 29. oktober 2007

when I start used Internet

I start used Internet when I come from primary school to secondary school in TSC. Because the teacher say the Internet is necessary. The Internet is a lot of help in school. I use Internet for look cars, motorbikes a little for school. but this is not good, because we have use a lot internet at school. I also go to MSN and check messages from friends on email. The Internet is a great for talk with friend and send message from their.

torek, 16. oktober 2007

about me

Hi. I'm Nikolavčič Robert.
I'm 22. I come from Goriška Brda from village call Gornje Cerovo. I study Mechatronics in TŠC Nova Gorica. For this school I decided because me interesting a lot this school. I finish secondary school with graduate. In my free time I go to my Friends. I also sleep a lot.
Ok this is me. Tenx goodbye